How to apply for a Renters Warehouse Managed Property*

Before applying, please contact your agent verify that the property is still available.

Please read our instructions below and/or click the links to be taken to the required forms. 

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Sign the Consent Form

Online Application

Pet Screening

Supporting Documents

Renters Warehouse Consent Form

Please be sure to sign your consent form. You can either sign this form digitally or download a PDF copy to add your signature and email this to your agent with your supporting documents (see below). 

Online Form | PDF Form


Online Application

All applicants aged 18 and older must apply.

  • All applications must be submitted online at
  • Select the Columbia Location.
  • Click APPLY NOW - Please Note: you will need to make an account to submit your application. 
  • Do not use co-applicant option when applying, this creates complications that may hold up your application.

  • Application fee of $45 per person must be paid via credit or debit card; please be sure that your card’s billing address is correct, otherwise your payment will be rejected and application must be resubmitted.
  • Renters Warehouse requires additional supplemental documents. Many of these can be uploaded via the online application, for all others, see below.

Pet Screening

All prospective applicants are required to fill out a pet screening profile. This is required whether or not a tenant has a pet. Please visit: to fill out your pet’s application. 

  • The cost is $30/pet Application fee, or $25 when you chose the ACH option. 
  • No pet? No cost. 
  • No cost for assistance animals.

Supporting Documents

To be considered for a rental unit, please be sure to provide ALL of the following information to your agent:

  • Your Consent Form.  (Click here to Sign the Consent Form)
  • Income. (Note: Renters Warehouse requires a minimum of three times the monthly rent gross income per month). You may 
    • Please send all income sources for each financially responsible applicant over the last two months. This may include:
      • Two (2) months of recent paystubs,
      • Child support or alimony,
      • Military orders or recent letter of new employment stating salary,
      • Housing allowance or housing voucher paperwork,
      • Money from the state including welfare, disability, food stamps or other supportive funds,
      • Monthly settlement checks,
      • As well as proof of any additional sources of income.
  • Proper Identification. ID may include: Driver’s License, State ID, or Passport; this is solely for Renters Warehouse to prevent identity theft. Your ID will not be sent to the Homeowner.

If submitting these forms via e-mail: Please use subject line: [Income Verification for “property address & applicant name”]

If submitting these forms via Fax: Please provide a cover letter clearly stating your name and agent’s name.

Residential Benefits Package 

Please note that if your Landlord has hired Renters Warehouse as their property management company, your lease will include enrollment in the Renters Warehouse Residential Benefits Package which includes great perks such as ACH online rent payments, online portal to track your account, vetted vendor network, HVAC filter delivery, utility concierge service, and a cash-back rewards program among other things, all for a low monthly fee of $25. Your agent can provide more information regarding this exciting new program and let you know if this applies to you.

When will I hear something?

Applications are accepted or denied solely at the Homeowner’s discretion. Providing false information or failure to provide all proper documentation may result in denial or rescinded acceptance. Renters Warehouse collects data and presents to the Homeowner for review. Renters Warehouse then must wait for the Homeowner’s decision. As soon as a response is received, we will reach out to you. Typically turnaround is 2-4 business days. At times, when a Homeowner is unreachable, an answer may exceed our estimated time frame. We do our best to get you an answer as quickly as possible. If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact your agent directly.

*Please note, Renters Warehouse acts as a facilitator and does not accept or deny any applicant. All decisions are made by the owner of the rental property.