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Do you currently own a home in Columbia, Ellicott City, Elkridge, Laurel, Fulton, or anywhere in Howard County for that matter, and you're thinking of renting it out? Or maybe you've been a Landlord for a while and are just tired of the day-to-day hassle of rent collection and maintenance. Well, you've hit the jackpot with Renters Warehouse Maryland! Renters Warehouse is a locally owned property management company based right here in Columbia, Maryland, with extensive knowledge of the Howard County rental market.  

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How do I know what my home will rent for?

Our local Property Management Experts provide a Free Rental Price Analysis

With an extensive knowledge of the rental market in Howard County, your Howard County Rent Estate Advisor will combine their general knowledge of and experience with the market, along with our Free Rental Analysis report, full of data points tailored to your home, to determine what your home will rent for in the current market.  To get started, fill out our free rental price analysis form, or click the button below and one of our team members will reach out to you to get started. 


What do I need to know before becoming a Landlord in Howard County?

Renters Warehouse will simplify the rental process for you!

Because are based in Columbia, Maryland, and our advisors live locally, they understand the Howard County Rental License process inside and out. You've found the right team to help you navigate renting your home in HoCo! 


Rental Licensing in Howard County

It's very important to know that in Howard County, a rental property must have an approved Rental License on file prior to listing a property. Renters Warehouse and our Rent Estate Advisors are here to support you through this process! 

A rental license may seem like extra work to get your home rented, but rental licenses protect you as a Landlord. It enables a Landlord to enforce rent payments and move forward with an eviction if it becomes necessary. Without proper licensure it can become difficult to remove a non-paying tenant. For this reason we require all homeowners we represent to obtain and maintain their rental license. 


How much does a Howard County Rental License Cost?

As of 2024, single family detached, townhouse, duplex, individually owned condominium, mobile homes, and apartments are $93.50. Click here for the Howard County Rental License Fee Schedule.


How do I apply?

>>> Click here to Download the Howard County Rental License Application, fill this form out, and send it in to the address listed at the top of the form along with the requested information (included on the final page of the application). 


Do I need a rental inspection in Howard County?

Before issuing the license, Howard County will send an inspector to your home to ensure that your home home is up to date with the requirement of Howard County Property Maintenance Code for Rental Housing. After applying, you will be contacted with a date/time to meet the inspection.

>>>Click here to see What the Howard County Rental License inspector will be looking for.



Once your license is accepted, you can sign up with Howard County Citizens Access to view details of your license. 

>>> Click here for Howard County Citizens Access.


How long is my license active?

Your Howard County Rental License is good for two (2) years! After which, you will need to apply for a renewal license if you are continuing to rent your home. 

For more information on getting a license, go to: Howard County Inspections Forms and Fees or call 410-313-1830. 


Do I need a Lead Certificate?


If your home is built before 1978, yes!! Lead inspections conducted by a state-approved inspector are required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as Maryland's Department of the Environment (MDE). This information must be provided to new tenants before move-in, and Landlords must also also register annually with the MDE Lead Registration (a $30 annual fee)*. Your Rent Estate Advisor can assist you in setting up an inspection with a licensed local inspector, if needed.


It is important to know that there are two designations of Lead Certificates: Lead Free* and Risk Reduction. What is the difference? For detailed information, visit MDE's Lead Certificates for Rental Housing informational flyer. But to make it simple, Lead Free Certificates indicate that that a home has been certified lead free; only one inspection is needed, and this certificate can be presented at each change of tenancy.


Unfortunately, these can be difficult to obtain in older homes; in those cases, a risk-reduction certificate is acceptable. Risk-reduction Certificates must be obtained every change of tenancy, no matter how short or long the tenancy lasts. 


If we place your renters and draw up your lease, we will help ensure that your tenants have all the required paperwork! Want to learn more? Check out MDE's Lead FAQ here. 


*A lead free certificate will certify that the home is lead free. You will only need to register your home with the MDE once.


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Landlord Resources for Howard County Homeowners

As property managers, we assist Howard County property owners in navigating the process of being a Landlord, we also want to make sure you have all the resources available. We've collected some helpful Howard County specific resources below:

Financial officials are advising family in home buying

Howard County Landlord/Tenant Info

The Office of Consumer Protection assists tenants and landlords Administering County laws governing leased, deposits, and evictions, resolving Landlord/Tenant disputes, and more!

LandlordTenant Guidebook

Landlord/Tenant Guide

The Office of Consumer Protection's Guide to Landlord and Tenants provides answers to the questions most frequently asked by landlords and tenants about both the Howard County and State landlord-tenant laws.

Book with title Landlord-Tenant Law and a gavel

Howard County Landlord/Tenant Act

Howard County has established multiple Landlord/Tenant regulations. Rest assured, our tried and true Residential Leases are designed specifically for Howard County rentals and include all of the required codes!

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