Germantown is a historical area of Maryland that has developed into an urbanized city with plenty for investors and renters to enjoy! It's located off of a major highway and near plenty of public transportation that can take commuters to work in nearby Washington, DC, during the week. When the work is done, and it's time to relax and recharge, Germantown provides the peace and quiet busy commuters seek with evenings and weekends away from the city. 

  • Since the 1980s, Germantown has enjoyed both economic and population growth. Investors can take advantage of single-family homes and townhomes here when looking for new real estate investments.
  • There are plenty of residents who prefer to rent their homes in Germantown, and it's an excellent area for investors to keep in mind when choosing rental real estate around the Baltimore and Washington, DC areas. 

What's to love about this area? It's an investment opportunity you don't want to miss for successHere's what property owners need to know about these neighborhoods with insight from the experts in Germantown property management services! 

Town Center

Starting in the heart of the city, the Town Center neighborhood is an urban area of town with plenty of restaurants and shopping for residents to enjoy. Investors will find large three, four, and five-bedroom single-family homes and rowhomes around the city's center. 

Residents love the charming rowhomes that line residential streets, and most homes were built between 1970 and 1999. These established homes are ideal for young families or college and young professionals who split housing costs with other roommates. 

Town Center is also a highly diverse area of Germantown, which helps contribute to the neighborhood's personality! Investors can command a better-than-average rental rate in this area with the expert services of a Germantown property management company like Renters Warehouse to keep an eye on young renters and prevent maintenance issues.

Brownstone / Old Germantown

Choosing rental properties in the Brownstone / Old Germantown area means investing in one of the higher-end suburban neighborhoods in the Germantown rental market. These streets are also lined with more large rowhomes and single-family homes, similar to Town Center. However, investors can target higher-income families and enjoy the income from higher rental rates when investing in Old Germantown. 

  • Residents in this part of Germantown like expensive things and showing them off. The neighborhood appeals to high-paid executives and their families who appreciate lovely homes and suburban life—even if they work in the big city. 
  • Investors can benefit from the expert property maintenance services of a local Germantown property management team to professionally maintain these beautiful homes and attract high-profile residents while growing long-term wealth!

Neelsville / Brink

If Brownstone or Old Germantown isn't the right fit for your target renters, check out the Neelsville / Brink rental market. This neighborhood also caters to wealthier residents, which can provide a significant boost to your investment income. 

A quick look at the suburban, residential streets showcases the stately homes lining each neighborhood. When investors see the appeal of this area and the potential for high-quality rental homes and schools, they understand why available investment properties are hard to find in both Neelsville and Brink.

To invest in this area, partner with an expert property manager to keep an eye out for properties and help you act fast to add a new rental property to your portfolio.

Waters Landing / Deerwater Drive

Germantown isn't only for the wealthy! The area has plenty to offer residents of many different income levels and interests. Investors should take a look at the Waters Landing / Deerwater Drive neighborhood to appeal to young families and singles who work in the area or commute to Washington, DC. Target renters in this area are upper-middle-income earners who prefer the quiet life outside of a busy city. 

  • This area offers medium-sized two and three-bedroom homes and smaller studio or two-bedroom attached units. These properties line streets in the fashionable rowhome style.
  • Investors can find plenty of established homes built between 1970 and 1999. You can also find newer builds and older properties with modern renovations. 

Waring Station Road / Summer Oak Drive

The urban lifestyle could be a better fit for your portfolio! You'll find that here in the Waring Station Road / Summer Oak Drive neighborhood. Housing is similar in size and available rooms when compared to the Waters Landing and Deerwater Drive area, with a mix of detached and attached homes lining the residential streets. However, this neighborhood attracts a large population of college students compared to other Germantown communities. 

  • Why is it ideal for college students and young adults? These streets offer excellent walkability and above-average safety.
  • Your renters can walk their dogs and engage with co-eds throughout the year, even between college semesters.
  • The neighborhood also supports plenty of diversity and a range of cultures that call this rental market home.

Investors will appreciate a neighborhood that appeals to a variety of renters and offers more affordable rental rates when seeking to fill a vacancy.

Middlebrook / Germantown Road

Middlebrook / Germantown Road is another neighborhood that offers affordable rental rates compared to some of the wealthier areas of Germantown. In addition to small townhomes, investors have the opportunity to add high-rise and other types of apartment-complex investment properties to their portfolios!

  • This area caters heavily to military personnel. Offering professionally managed apartment rentals in this area provides high-quality housing for military servicemen and women between deployments.
  • In addition to a high percentage of military renters, the Middlebrook / Germantown Road neighborhood also attracts college students, young professionals, and families.
  • The streets offer excellent walkability with a high degree of safety throughout.

The combination of military-friendly housing and professional Germantown property management services help investors generate significant income from this area!

Exploration Lane / Keeneland Circle

For investors looking for less expensive investments than Germantown's wealthiest neighborhoods and properties that attract higher-middle-income renters, the Exploration Lane / Keeneland Circle area could have something that's a perfect fit for your portfolio!

  • This neighborhood offers a little bit of everything, from apartments to townhomes and single-family homes.
  • Most properties in this area stray from the established, older homes of other Germantown neighborhoods.
  • You'll find new builds and entire new-construction neighborhoods throughout the streets of this community.

Target the right renters and keep these new investment properties (and any Germantown-area rentals) in excellent condition with the expert Rent Estate™ Advisors at Renters Warehouse!

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No matter which neighborhoods are the best fit for your real estate portfolio, our experienced team here at Renters Warehouse can manage them to success!

We love the charm and diversity of the Germantown rental market. Investors who choose real estate investments there have made a smart choice to grow their wealth—but you need expert full-service Germantown property management to help ensure your success.

Before you purchase your next property, let us help you make sure it's a good one! We use the power of research with our rental price analysis to evaluate potential properties for investors, then help them make money with our expert property management services. Investors never have to worry about finding qualified renters, collecting the rent, or maintaining the condition of their properties with our full-service property management!

With our Rent Estate™ Advisors keeping an eye on every detail, your Germantown properties work for you. Investors can relax and enjoy monthly rental payment deposits. If you're considering new rental properties or wondering how professional property management can help you make more money, contact us today!

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