History is front and center in Frederick, MD! Civil War history permeates the area, but not everything is "old." Residents and investors will find a popular place where residents enjoy wineries, a vibrant Main Street, mountain views, theaters, restaurants, and the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. A mix of old and new make this town a unique and enjoyable place to live and invest!

About 40% of area residents rent their homes in a town classified as dense suburban. Frederick is less than an hour away from Baltimore, giving locals access to plenty of jobs if they don't work in or around their smaller town. Excellent schools and a diverse population make this community an in-demand place for renters and investorsbut without the best Frederick property management company to manage rental properties, investors could lose money.

If you're considering investing in this market (or you already do), here's what you need from your local property management experts!


The Right Experience From the Start

Whether you're starting your real estate portfolio here or adding to your existing rental properties, the right experience helps investors make more money. 

While the Renters Warehouse BW Metro team loves helping rental property owners invest in Frederick, not every property is the right fit for your portfolio. Buying the wrong investment properties can be an expensive mistake. However, the right investments with expert management help investors maximize ROIs and generate more long-term revenue. 

Starting well is critical for success! Our expert Frederick property management team helps investors:

  • Conduct rental market analysis to choose the best properties
  • Set up the best business entity for your rental properties
  • Avoid expensive mistakes like properties that require too much costly renovation work
  • Manage rentals with the best local experience and industry expertise

The benefits of one rental property are enough to make any real estate investor want more properties! When it's time to start a portfolio or grow your existing one, choose the best property manager to help you make smart choices and improve your bottom line. 


Expert Marketing to Reduce Vacancies

The right properties won't do you any good if quality renters can't find them! Marketing your Frederick rentals to find the best renters requires experience and the right strategies to help your properties stand out from the competition. 

A property manager knows what local renters want. We also know how to craft property listings to highlight your property's best features and maximize the exposure for your rental. When your listings stand out from the sea of other listings for rental properties in Frederick, you're more likely to find better renters faster. 

The expert Renters Warehouse BW Metro marketing strategy includes:

  • The ideal rental price based on rental research
  • Compelling text that provides critical details while telling your property's story
  • Professional photos to put your property's best face forward
  • Placing your listing on all major rental search websites
  • A clear way to apply for your property
  • Yard signage and availability to conduct showings when potential renters are available

We get the word out when it's time to find a new resident! With our professional marketing practices, we help investors reduce vacancy times while finding better quality renters.


Screening to Place the Best Renters

Renewals help investors minimize expenses when it's time for a new lease term, but you only want to keep excellent renters who pay the rent on time and take good care of your properties. Keeping better renters means starting with better renters! 

If you don't have a tried-and-true process to screen renters by reviewing their background information, you risk placing a bad resident. Difficult renters don't pay the rent on time or follow the rules required to stay in your property. They can also become expensive problems when they cause damage to your rentals. 

While real estate investors should be selective about who they allow to live in their properties, they must also follow the law and avoid discriminatory practices. The best way to safely and effectively choose the best renters is to hire the best Frederick property management!

With an expert property manager, investors benefit from a screening process that includes:

  • Creating legal criteria to qualify as a renter for your properties
  • A fair rental application that collects critical information
  • Reviewing background information for every applicant (credit history, criminal background, employment and income verification, prior rental history, and reference checks)
  • Safe handling of private data according to the FRCA (Fair Credit Reporting Act)

The right screening process helps investors find the best renters while avoiding discrimination lawsuits. Letting a property manager conduct your screening process is the easiest way to screen and choose renters who feel at home in your Frederick rental homes while improving your income!


Professional Maintenance to Boost ROIs

Better renters expect better maintenance services for their rental homes. When you find excellent residents, providing professional maintenance is one of the best ways to help them enjoy living in your rental and want to renew their lease. When renters stay longer, investors experience better ROIs.

Plus, prioritizing maintenance reduces repair costs and helps keep your properties in excellent condition. Maintaining good property values is another way to benefit from real estate investing in Frederick! However, unless you have the time and expertise to handle routine maintenance and emergency repairs, you need local help to deliver the high level of maintenance services your properties need, and renters want. 

With the best expert Frederick property management team, investors benefit from:

  • Seasonal maintenance to keep your rentals ready for any weather change
  • A vetted network of contractors to perform quality repairs at competitive rates
  • Prompt responses to renter emergency requests (24/7)
  • Routine inspections to keep an eye on your properties and catch potential problems early

If you're building a portfolio with Frederick rental properties, putting them under the best professional care means you don't have to worry about property maintenance. Keep your free time (and never answer a midnight emergency call from a renter again)! Our professional property managers maintain your rentals to keep residents happy and boost your bottom line. 


A Property Manager Does It All for Your Frederick Investments

Whether you live and invest in the area or choose Frederick real estate as a long-distance investor, a professional property manager does everything you need to maximize your investments. The Renters Warehouse BW Metro team is here to help you find the best property for your portfolio and then manage it to success!

We turn each rental property into an income-generating powerhouse for investors. With our peace-of-mind maintenance services and Certified Tenant Warranty, investors never have to worry about the condition of their rentals or who lives in them. The best Frederick property management team also helps investors maximize profitability by setting ideal rental rates and reducing vacancy times. We understand the local market, what renters want, and how to help your properties meet the demand and boost your long-term income. 

Contact us to learn more about how we do it all for investors in Frederick!

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EdenDiane Taitano

We found a property on Trulia that we were interested in and were very impressed with Rose's service from the start. She was quick to respond and answered all of our questions. We are a military family, so we had to do everything unseen. We are happy in our home!

EdenDiane Taitano

Jan 19
Philip Britton

My girlfriend and I recently had the pleasure of working with Mary Dominick while renting a new home. She was extremely helpful and responsive throughout the application/rental process. 10/10

Philip Britton

Jan 24
Axel Santana

Johnna was amazing!  She gave us all the pros and cons of the property to make sure it was the right choice for us, provided a detailed tour, and was patient with our questions. She has followed up in each step after submitting the application to keep us informed.

Axel Santana

Dec 14
Kev P

Had the pleasure of working with Johnna. Exceeded my expectations with service and tenant placement. Ensured my mind was at ease with the process, especially since it’s my first time listing a property. I will definitely continue using RW in the future.

Kev P

Dec 09
Jazmyne Taylor

Rose was great to work with. Very response during the process, as well as after signing the rental agreement. She gave honest and open communication about the property which was really appreciated. I am still happy with the results and love my home.

Jazmyne Taylor

Jul 17
Andrew Chen

RW has been a great help navigating the COVID and post COVID regulatory landscape. Tenant placement is the most important part of having a good rental experience, and Johnna has been very responsive, helpful, and persistent in this regard. Thank you, RW!

Andrew Chen

Dec 06
Dave B. and  Joann B.

As landlords, we have been using Renters Warehouse for the past eight years. Easy to deal with, hassle-free. We love working with Rose Valerio. She's the rent estate advisor. Easy to work with, she gives good feedback and advice on finding the right tenants. 

Dave and Joann B.

Apr 14
Jon Titherington

I was renting my house out for the first time. Joyce with Renters Warehouse was fantastic! 
In less than a month, I had a signed lease for the amount of rent I wanted from very qualified tenants. Best of all, she got me a 2-year lease!

Jon Titherington

Mar 03

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