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Renting vs Selling

What's the best option for me?

We're here to help you answer that question. The "Napkin Test" may be able to shed some light on why renting may be the best option for you. Start with one of our Rent Estate experts who can provide you with a free rental analysis to determine what your Rockville home will rent for in the current market.

Then, crunch the numbers for your home with this great Calculator tool put out by NARPM* : NARPM's Rent Vs Sell Calculator.

Still not sure the best direction for you? Download our our Rent Vs Sell Guide for more guidance. If renting is the best option for you, we're here to help!

Curious about how our agents determine how much your home will rent for with our Free Rental Price Analysis? Check out the video below! 

*Renters Warehouse is a proud member of the National Association of Property Managers (NARPM).



How much will my home rent for?

Let us help you with your FREE rental price analysis! 

We'll connect you with your Rockville Rent Estate Advisor who will run comparable reports and use their expertise of the local market to determine what your home will rent for. We use various data points to determine a price point tailored just for you and your home. To get started, fill out our free rental price analysis form, or click the button below and one of our team members will reach out to you to get started. 


Ready to take the next step?

Renters Warehouse is your locally based Property Management company, here to help you Start Earning Income in Four Easy Steps. Your Rent Estate™ expert will take care of everything needed to rent out your property in Rockville, from marketing and showings, to background checks and leases. Plus we offer monthly management services once your tenants are in place!


Bulls-Eye-Pricing 1
Get a FREE rental price analysis with accurate rental pricing

Our Rent Estate™ Advisors know the Rockville rental market and will crunch the market data for your property to reduce vacancies and ensure you’re getting the maximum return you can for your investment.

Marketing 2
Market and match your property to the right tenants

Our exclusive RentFeeder™ technology finds qualified tenants that are backed by our free Tenant Warranty. We screen qualified candidates and you decide who rents.

Rent-Collection 3
Watch your property value and cash flow increase

With accurate reporting and communication paired with full management of maintenance, tenants, and rent collection, all you have to do is watch your Rockville investment grow!

Property-Management 4
Peace of mind expertise when you need it

Your property management team remains up to date on the current regulations, and provides your tenant with 24/7 maintenance to ensure you, your tenants, and your home are protected around the clock. 

Becoming a Landlord in Rockville, Maryland

It may seem complicated, but Renters Warehouse is here to make it easier on you!

But before we get started, there are some things you should know; In order to rent a home in Rockville, you will need a Rental License; you may also need to have your home tested for Radon and for Lead. Don't worry, Renters Warehouse has got you covered. 


Do I need a Rental License?

Yes! All homes located in Montgomery County need a rental license, however which type of license will be dependent on where your home is located. The City of Rockville has a specific rental license for anyone within the city lines. You should first confirm whether your home is located within Rockville city limits, if not, you will need a Montgomery County License.

Click here for Rockville City Limits Map.

If your property falls within city lines, you do not need to get a County license, but you do need the City of Rockville rental license


How to obtain your Rockville Rental License 

- Apply for your Rockville Rental License online (all applications must be submitted online)

- Download and fill out your Rockville Rental License Application PDF

- If your home is built before 1978 you will need a lead certificate, see Lead Information below

- Download and fill out your Lead Compliance Form (required)

- Inspection: The city of Rockville will schedule an inspection of your property before issuing your license; view the list of items they will be looking for on page 2 of the application.

- Fee: $220, Checks payable to City of Rockville

- For Questions, call the City of Rockville at 240-314-8330

- Questions can also be emailed to:


Do I need a Lead Certificate?

If your home is built before 1978, the answer is yes. There are two main types of certificates: Lead Free* and a Risk Reduction. A lead free certificate is a one time certification that the home is lead free. These are more difficult to obtain in older homes; instead you may obtain a risk-reduction certificate. A risk-reduction certificate must be obtained every change of tenancy, no matter how short or long the tenancy lasts. Montgomery County's Lead Requirements ensure that Landlords are in compliance with Maryland Lead Law. You will need to register your property with MDE here to verify that you have your lead certificate, and don't forget to renew annually.* Your Renters Warehouse Advisor can connect you with a local certified Lead Inspector. If we draw up the lease for you, we also ensure the tenants have the required EPA and MD state lead information for you. 

*A lead free certificate will certify that the home is lead free. You will only need to register your home with the MDE once.


Do I need a Radon Test? 

Does your rental home have all ground-contact or or is it a basement unit in a single family home, multifamily apartment, or condominium? If so, the answer is yes. According to Montgomery County's Radon Testing and Mitigation, beginning July 1, 2023, "Landlords of these properties must conduct a radon test before leasing a unit to a prospective tenant within three years before the date of the lease." Your Renters Warehouse Advisor can assist you in connecting with a local certified radon testing company. 



Looking for help to get these items checked off your list? Look no more! Your Rent Estate Advisor can help!

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Helpful Landlord Resources

As your Rockville Property Managers, we'll help you navigate the process of being a Landlord, but in the meantime, we've collected some helpful resources for your convenience below:

Financial officials are advising family in home buying

Landlord/Tenant Affairs

The City of Rockville offers resources for Landlords/Tenants. With Property Management, we'll navigate this for you, but additional info can be found here.

Book with title Landlord-Tenant Law and a gavel

City of Rockville Handbook

Rockville's Landlord-Tenant handbook is a great resource for both Landlords and Tenants when it comes to regulations.

Wooden Blocks with the text Faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

You may find yourself with a lot of questions. Your Advisor can help you through the process, but here are some common questions in Montgomery County.

Are you ready to sit-back, relax, and let Renters Warehouse take care of your Rockville Rental Property?