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Renters Warehouse BW Metro | March 5, 2024

What is Guaranteed Rent?

When a property owner has paid the mortgage on time every month, they may be a little blindsided when they find themselves struggling to collect on-time rent. Unfortunately, occasional problem renters can significantly impact your cash flow. While rent collection is sometimes easy when you have good tenants, it can also become a challenge without warning. 

Fortunately for real estate investors, the Annapolis property management team at Renters Warehouse BW Metro offers a Guaranteed Rent program to qualified property investors. Keep reading to learn more about it and why it can be one of the best things you can do to maintain consistent cash flow!

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Guaranteed Rent Gives You an Upfront Payment

Our Guaranteed Rent program is not something you'll find with other local property managers. Here's how it works when you partner with our team. 

  • We offer the program to qualified real estate investors 
  • Property owners receive an upfront payment equivalent to 90% of the property's rent amount for up to 12 months
  • An Annapolis property manager handles your property management and monthly rental collection needs throughout the lease term—even if your renters pay late (or not at all)

With consistent cash flow, when a big repair becomes necessary, Annapolis rental property owners can take care of it right away without dipping into reserves or savings. There's no need to pull from personal savings or get a loan to finance the repair, pay interest, or put your finances in jeopardy. Instead, our Guaranteed Rent program ensures you have the cash flow you need to pair for repairs and ongoing expenses. You also have a strong property management team applying the best property management services and strategies to reduce your costs and maximize returns. 

Our Guaranteed Rent program can be a real boost to new property owners trying to establish consistent cash flow. It's also a great feature for seasoned investors looking to grow their businesses. Sometimes property owners find that rent collection is fine with one or two properties, but it's more challenging to keep up with on-time payments for more rental properties. With our Rent Estate™ Advisors, a property owner never has to worry about collecting the rent!

Short Term Cash Flow Is Key for Property Owners

Whether you have one property or a significant real estate investment portfolio, you know the importance of consistent rental income. After all, your business has many expenses, from routine maintenance to property taxes and mortgages, and these items must be paid on time. If a renter doesn't get the rent to you on time, you're forced to delay other payments if you don't have enough cash reserves to cover those costs.

Many property owners are subject to stress related to a lack of short-term cash flow—but it doesn't have to be that way! Rental properties are a long-term investment strategy, but it's hard for investors to reach their goals with short-term challenges from multiple renters that delay their rent payments. 

One way to deal with rent collection challenges is to look into what a property management company does and how the best professionals can mitigate potential rental income loss. 

Find a Property Manager Who Offers The Best Options

When property owners choose a property manager, they're looking for experts who can thoroughly answer the question, "What does a property manager do" for my rental property returns? Annapolis property management companies recognize that you may be skeptical about what they deliver in exchange for property management fees. The right property manager is ready to win you over with their expertise and strategies to improve your returns. 

Renters Warehouse BW Metro works hard to deliver the best rental property management services in the Annapolis area. Through our network of vendors and a team of property management experts, property owners, and renters experience the best rentals in Maryland. We've also created a program that helps investors experience better on-time rent collection and consistent cash flow (even when renters don't pay the rent)! 

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Choose Renters Warehouse BW Metro and Guaranteed Rent!

Renters Warehouse BW Metro is a team of seasoned professionals with extensive full-service property management experience. We offer stellar rent collection services, even when renters struggle to pay the rent on time. Through our Guaranteed Rent Program, we stand behind our ability to streamline rent collection so thoroughly that we're willing to pay property owners even when tenants miss a payment. We also help property owners find the right investments, conduct marketing and tenant screening, deliver professional maintenance services, and more. 

If you're still exploring answers to questions like "What does a property manager do" and have questions about the kinds of services we provide, reach out to talk more about Guaranteed Rent and our other programs that help investors make more money! 

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