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Renters Warehouse BW Metro | February 6, 2024

How to Write Effective Rental Listings to Attract Quality Renters

Updated February 6, 2024

When deciding on their next rental property in Columbia, MD, renters are more selective than ever! Your future renters must be appealed to using (and interested in) the property listing first before they ever potentially see the property.

An attractive property listing holds additional benefits: it can attract discerning renters who may be willing to spend a bit more to get what they want in our highly desirable area. After all, we are sandwiched between Baltimore and Washington, DC! When working with a Columbia property management professional like Renters Warehouse, you’ll have one-on-one support creating these listings—or we can easily handle them for you!

For those who need a bit of help creating property listings, here are a few tips that can turn browsers into renters when you apply them to your rental property listings.

Write a Professional-Quality Property Listing

Remember that this property listing may be the first impression you’ll make on your potential renters. You want them to think of you as a professional, and your investment property as a fantastic place to live. Your listing should convey this.

  • Keep it short and to the point, but paint a picture of the property for your potential renters.

  • It’s also essential to keep your copy accurate and precise: make sure it isn’t full of typos or mistakes related to the property’s features.

Describe the Features of the Property: Accuracy Matters

Whether buying or renting a home, people need to know their lifestyle and needs will be met by the rental real estate they are considering. Before they visit any location, they want to know it can offer at least their bare minimum requirements. Knowing what renters want in a property is an essential first step when creating a listing. Factors that are typically important include location, amenities, and the overall floor plan.

Be sure your property listing carefully and accurately pinpoints everything the property has to offer. Accuracy is critical in advertising a listing. Any misleading information, even slightly (like listing that half bath as a full), could lead to problems for property owners in false advertising.

Describe the Features of the Property: Accuracy Matters

Write in a Feature-Benefit Style

One of the most important ways to write your property listing content is to write in a feature-benefit style. That is, list the feature and state the benefit of it.

  • For example, you may state that there is a large, eat-in kitchen. That’s a feature.

  • Then, list out the benefits, noting that this makes it easy to balance homework, family meals, and Sunday morning breakfast with ease.

  • Show them what the property offers and then tell them why that’s a good thing. A balcony could be great for a small table for watching the sunset, for example.

Make Sure the Location Is Clear

Location is one of the most important factors for people buying real estate. They simply need to know the property is going to fit their needs.

  • Answer their most likely questions (how close are you to the freeway?)
  • Outline what’s within walking distance if this is a benefit
  • You may also want to note the location in terms of local schools, parks, and other amenities.

Location is a critical factor for renters who have busy, active lives in the Columbia area!

Use Great Listing Photos

One of the key things a Columbia property management company will always tell you are critical about any type of property listing is the photos. Professional-quality photos make all of the difference when choosing a property.

  • Remember, you want to encourage people to come in to see what the home has to offer.
  • Photos help them to visualize how well your property will fit their needs.
  • Photos let them see the condition of the property, too.

Having a pro manage your photography ensures you'll secure the best angles for your listing at the best price. Investing in a professional photographer is a small expense that benefits you with long-term returns!

Use Great Listing Photos

That’s a Lot to Do: Let Us Do It for You!

Property listings might be a fair bit of work—but when you have a skilled Columbia property management team on your side like Renters Warehouse, we can handle it all!

With our experience and a keen eye on the market, we can easily work with you to ensure the entire listing process is professional.

  • Our Rent Estate™ Advisors manage everything from the process of marketing your property to finding and screening new residents.
  • They will learn what your needs and goals are for your financial future, and align your rental price with this before ever placing a listing to ensure you see maximum returns!

Your property listing is a valuable part of the process of reaching the right renters for your home. With the help of Renters Warehouse BW Metro, you will find the entire process of finding your next ideal renter significantly easier to do! You may even love just how hands-off you can be in the process.

Once we've found the perfect renter, the work doesn't stop there: you need to prepare your property for move-in day with a thorough Makeready Process! Use your free copy of our Makeready Checklist to get started, or reach out to the professionals here at Renters Warehouse!

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