Being a rental property investor may seem like an exciting and rewarding job—and it is—but it can quickly become overwhelming without the right support. Between balancing the books and managing tenants, you might feel like you have little time for anything else. However, with the many daily tasks required for one property (let alone multiple rentals), a property owner can benefit from having one of the top Baltimore property managers by your side.

Property management companies are familiar with every aspect of successfully operating rental properties. You might be thinking—exactly what does a property manager do? Or you may be wondering if you really need a property management company. If so, how can you be sure to find the best one to fill your business’s needs? Let’s dive into this topic and look at the benefits of the best property management company Baltimore offers and what you need in the best one!

Characteristics of a Top Baltimore Property Management Team

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Before you consider whether you want to hire a property management company, it’s helpful to know the qualities and characteristics of a top property management team in Baltimore. A quality property manager works to help you achieve your long-term goals and generate maximum ROI!

Expert Knowledge

Before you hire a property manager, be sure they are experts in the field of residential property management. They should understand the Baltimore and surrounding market well and know what tenants are looking for in different neighborhoods. They will be equipped to make recommendations about property upgrades that can help you generate more rental income! 

Due to their experience with investment properties, they can provide insight into whether a home is priced right and if it’s a good one to jump on for a rental. They'll also steer you away from bad properties that could be a money-losing investment. Property managers in Baltimore know the neighborhoods inside and out; they know when to jump on a deal and when to hold off. They will give you guidance to help you build your portfolio the right way.

The right property managers can also give you a rental rate analysis beforehand, so you know how much rent you can expect to get for a unit. They put their expertise to work to reduce the vacancy cycle, so your properties stay full year round!

Exceptional Communication Skills

As the owner of rental properties, you may wonder what it would be like to work with someone else who manages those properties. The fact is, if it’s not the right property management company, it can be uncomfortable—to say the least. 

Excellent communication is essential between any two parties who do business together. If there is a breakdown in communication between a property owner and a rental manager, things can fall apart fast. The top Baltimore property management companies have exceptional communication skills. They are willing to communicate according to your “style” of communication. For example, some investor owners want to be in the loop about every detail when it comes to the management of their properties. In contrast, others may only want to know if something urgent occurs and are satisfied with quarterly reports. Excellent communication from a property management group means communicating in a way that works for you!

High Degree of Professionalism

Rental property owners need a Baltimore property manager who is always at their best when it comes to professionalism. Highly professional managers don't let details slip through the cracks. You could miss the mark on your ROI if your property manager drops the ball. For example, if they lack professionalism when dealing with tenants, you may not maintain tenant retention. Or, if they have an unprofessional approach when prospective tenants come to look at a property, you could lose good tenants. 

Proficient in Technology

Property management technology has changed over the years! As a result, property owners need a management company that adapts to technology solutions for tenants and prospective tenants. This includes allowing tenants to pay their rent and request services online.

When you work with a property manager proficient in technology, tenants are satisfied with the ease with which they can pay rent on time or submit a maintenance request.

Maximizes ROI

When it’s all said and done, the most pressing thing on your mind is probably "how you can maximize ROI?" Without steady cash flow, you’ll soon be out of business. However, when working with a top-notch property management team, most real estate investors enjoy cost savings with better profits! 

Property managers have a greater marketing reach coupled with lower costs to list properties, which means your properties reach more potential renters faster for less money. Plus, rental managers know how to create compelling listings with quality photos to attract quality renters faster. 

In addition, a property management team ensures that maintenance staff is on call 24/7, so you aren’t stuck dealing with late-night or weekend calls when a tenant has a problem after hours.

Property Managers Takes Care of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Owning an investment property can be exciting and thrilling, but every day is not the same, and sometimes things can get “ugly.” However, when you’re a rental property investor doing things on your own, you have to deal with the good, the bad, and the ugly! With a property management team handling your rentals, you can avoid dealing with the following issues that may arise and detail your long-term success.

Difficult Tenants

Nothing spells "headache" like a problem tenant. They may complain about everything little thing that goes wrong in the property and become upset over petty things. Some renters just have a personality that is challenging to get along with. However, as long as they have an active lease and pay rent, property owners must deal with frustrating residents. 

The best way to deal with a difficult tenant is to weed them out—if possible—beforehand. Your Baltimore property manager has you covered with proactive tenant screening. However, when difficult tenants get in through the door, you’ll have expert property managers to serve as a buffer, handling them with professionalism and expert strategies.

Professional Renters

If the type of tenant described above is hard to deal with, professional renters can be even more troublesome. A professional tenant is good at playing “nice” when you first meet them but soon shows their true colors. They are referred to as professional renters for a reason: they know how to cheat the system, and they go from rental home to rental home, leaving unpaid rent and property damage behind. 

You may find that these individuals know renter’s rights, tenant laws, and legal loopholes quite well. Unfortunately, they use this knowledge to avoid eviction, stall payments, and so on. However, if you have an experienced property manager, you have a resource to spot these potential tenants before they move in or deal with one that already lives in one of your rental units. 

Setting the Wrong Rental Rate

The amount of rent you charge is an essential part of your ROI. Property owners can’t afford to take a stab in the dark about how much to rent to charge, but it can be challenging to land on the ideal amount for each property in your real estate portfolio. If your property is overpriced, it stands the chance of sitting empty because of the cost. An empty property means no money is coming in, and your cash flow stays stagnant.

On the other hand, if you underprice your property, you’re locked into a one-year lease with a loss because you could have charged a higher rate. A property manager assesses the rental rates for your property and the surrounding area, ensuring you get top dollar and maintain a healthy ROI.

Tax Losses

To operate legal rental properties, owners have to tackle the taxes annually. As much as you might dread that time of year, it’s much easier if you have your paperwork all in order. Of course, that can be easier said than done when operating multiple rental units. Also, you may not be familiar with everything you should track for rental property taxes. Real estate investors can maximize every tax deduction when they have a property management team on the case!


When mixing tenants and residential rental properties, following all landlord-tenant laws is essential. However, if you’re not aware of all the laws, you may fall prey to a violation during the tenant screening process or when responding to requests for reasonable accommodations for anyone with a disability when necessary. A property manager helps you sort through any confusion and ensure that your properties operate within the law.

Is It Time for a Property Manager?

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If you’re still wondering if you need a Baltimore property manager, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I live out of the area?

  • Am I stressed or low on time for myself?

  • Am I maximizing ROI?

  • Do I know the Baltimore market well?

  • Do I have multiple properties?

  • Would I like to relax more while still bringing in the money?

If you answered yes to any of these, it's time for the best property management company Baltimore offers!