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Renters Warehouse BW Metro | December 24, 2021

A Guide to Free Tools For Your Property Management System

It doesn't take long in the rental property business before you realize the value of getting organized and having the right tools and resources to maximize returns. Unlike a job where you clock in at eight and leave at five, managing rental properties is a job where disorganization and a lack of experience can lead to long hours when caring for renters and homes. 

Many property owners turn to the best property management Columbia has to offer is because they have strong policies, procedures, and strategies to help investors get their free time back while experiencing better profits! If you're ready to build an effective property management system to increase efficiency and make more money from your rentals, we have some insights into some of the best free resources available to real estate investors. While they aren't a replacement for the streamlined and complete system that a property manager can provide, they can be a great resource to you as you improve your rental management skills. 

The Prep: ROI Calculators and a Free Lease Agreement

From the beginning, you'll need to make a smart choice about purchasing a rental property. A free ROI calculator can help you think through your earning potential before buying. Residential property owners need a property that can generate a competitive rental rate compared to similar properties and their rental rates in the area. Owners should also target a property that doesn't require so much maintenance and repair that it will ultimately eat up your profits. 

Once you've made an investment, many rental property owners start with a free lease agreement to start their customized templates. While these documents are a great way to educate yourself about creating a lease, successful rental property owners need a customized version that follows landlord-tenant law and includes specific details about your policies and fees, including the tenant's security deposit. 

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The Rent Collection: Rent Ledger and Free Move-In Checklists

When you're getting used to the regular rhythms of running a rental property business, you'll routinely need a few standard documents. A move-in checklist helps you review and prepare the property before a new renter moves in. Using a list gives you a method to thoroughly document the state of the property with photos and descriptions of anything that needs to be repaired or shouldn't be counted against the renter in the future. 

A property owner also needs a way to track a rent payment and ensure that renters are current on their payments. A rent ledger is an excellent way to start. However, if you work with a Columbia property management company, you'll benefit from a secure online portal that is a digital version of a rent ledger. Online payments automatically go to your account with digital rental payment collection, and owners can easily track many different payment histories for all renters.

Protecting Your Investment: Notice to Vacate Forms

While property owners hope never to evict a difficult renter, it's wise to start your rental investment journey with some insight into the Maryland eviction process. Like using a free lease template, a free notice to vacate form is an excellent way to be prepared in case a rental housing tenancy leads to eviction. However, property managers also recommend partnering with a good attorney to walk you through the process, review written notices and communications with renters, and help you follow state and federal law during the eviction process.

Growing the Business: How to Raise the Rent

One routine element of maximizing rental property returns is reviewing and optimizing the monthly rent amount. When a particular area or neighborhood is in high demand, owners should consider a rate increase to stay competitive and boost ROI. 

Work with a property management company and conduct market research to review rental rates and make adjustments. While starting with a sample letter can help you create an appropriate notice to renters about a rate increase when it's time to renew, a property manager can also help communicate with residents. Most renters expect a rate increase when it's time to renew the lease agreement, but it's not always a smooth conversation. Property managers are an excellent resource for setting ideal rental rates and encouraging more tenants to renew!

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The Best System Is a Professional Columbia Property Management Company

While "free" can help you get started, many investors find that free tools limit how far they can really support long-term success. Property managers can bring a systematic approach to your real estate investments that goes far beyond free online tools that can leave you without critical insights into maximizing returns. Renters Warehouse BW Metro delivers professional property management services to take care of maintenance requests, creating a rental agreement, rent collection, income and expense tracking, tenant screening, and so much more. If you're ready for a comprehensive property management system to build better success, let's talk soon!

Download our newly updated "Guide to Finding the Best Property Manager in Maryland" to learn more about how professional property management can help!

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