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Renters Warehouse BW Metro | December 2, 2021

How to Serve An Eviction Notice the Right Way In Odenton

If you grow your real estate investment business enough, you will eventually run into a tenant situation that requires eviction. Of course, no owner wants to evict: it's expensive and full of conflict. Property managers recommend resolving tenant disputes without resorting to the courts, if possible. However, the eviction process gives property owners a clear path to recover their property and put it back to use with a new renter. 

When dealing with a bad renter, rental owners need support from lawyers and a good property manager. Do you know how to serve an eviction notice letter correctly? Whether it's a 30-day notice or a Pay or Quit letter, the best property management company Odenton has to offer can help you follow the law. Here are some of the details you should know!

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Only Evict For the Right Reasons

While you might think you have a good reason to remove a renter from your property, owners must consult the lease agreement and the law to confirm a valid reason for eviction. 

If you're not sure, start with clear communication with the renter that either hasn't paid rent or has violated the lease in some way. Attempt to understand the situation and make a plan to resolve it without getting the courts involved. For example, if noise complaints from neighbors were isolated and you can talk to the renters about preventing them from happening again, you may gain a loyal renter and not have the issues again. 

The same is true with a variety of minor lease or rental agreement violations. For example, when you discover that a renter secretly has a pet (without approval), alert them of the issue and work with them to recognize their need to pay pet rent according to their lease. This approach could help you gain additional income and continue the lease without getting any lawyers involved.

That being said, a property manager can be helpful in realizing if you are getting the run-around from a renter who is repeatedly violating the terms of your agreement. From illegal activities to failure to pay rent and significant lease violations, there are times when property managers will recommend ending the lease through legal eviction proceedings. 

Serve The Correct Notices At the Correct Times

To begin the eviction process, property owners must deliver the appropriate written notice. If you're not sure which notice is the correct one to address the situation, a property management company and your eviction attorney can help you review the options, including:

  • The 14-Day Vacate Notice

  • A 10-Day Notice to Comply or Vacate

  • A 3-Day Notice for waste, nuisance, or illegal activity

  • A No-Cause Notice

Odenton regulations and state landlord-tenant laws don't require a property owner to use all notices. However, using the correct eviction notice is critical to a successful legal resolution. In most cases, written notices must be delivered and confirmed as received to start the legal process. A property manager or a process server can serve the correct eviction notice letter to your renter and document that they received it. 

Depending on the type of notice and timeframe, your resident has time to respond to the notice, ideally moving out or curing any default or other issues. Some renters, however, will not respond to the worry of eviction or your notice and will stay in the property without changing the situation, such as paying back unpaid rent or ending illegal activities. In this case, an Odenton property management company can help communicate with the renter and navigate the next steps. 

If they do not correct the problem, it's time to schedule a court hearing. Bring documentation of the lease violations, your lawyer, and your property manager when you attend. The court will then rule on the case. If the judgment is in your favor, a law enforcement officer will supervise the eviction.

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Avoiding Eviction Is Ideal

Because hiring lawyers and moving through the courts with an eviction lawsuit can be expensive and a slow eviction process, avoiding eviction is better for rental property returns. Sometimes asking the renter to move voluntarily works! Renters know that eviction is harmful to them, as well, since an eviction can hinder their ability to get a rental home and can ruin their credit scores. 

Avoiding eviction is easier with a thorough tenant screening process to keep bad renters out of your rental properties. If you don't have a process in place, the best property management company Odenton offers can help! 

Let An Odenton Property Management Company Help With An Eviction Notice

While the eviction process can be long and has many moving parts, property owners must avoid the temptation to go around the law. Instead, follow the guidance of a property manager, your eviction attorney, and the legal precedent when delivering a 30-day notice to remove a renter. If you're dealing with a difficult resident now, let the Rent Estate™ Advisors and property management services of Renters Warehouse BW Metro help! 

To learn more about the eviction process, download the Rental Property Owner's Tenant Eviction Checklist today!

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