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Renters Warehouse BW Metro | May 8, 2023

Investing and Real Estate Management: Making Money While Having Fun

Published August 11, 2022
Updated May 8, 2023

There are a variety of personality types that thrive in real estate investing. For example, if you love being your own boss and setting your hours while making money, this can be an incredible opportunity. Feeling like you're building a future and making critical decisions rather than executing someone else's plan are just a few reasons people love investing in real estate.  

In addition, operating rental properties is a good fit if you're not afraid of hard work and enjoy variety throughout your days, weeks, and months. However, more success is easier with expert insights.

So, do you want to make more money, find more deals, and have more fun as a real estate investor? The best property management Abingdon offers is here to help with our best insights into enjoying passive real estate investing and income.

Enjoy the Thrill of the Hunt

One of the exciting parts of getting into real estate is that you're always on the hunt for a deal. Looking for the best places to buy rental property in Maryland can be a lot of fun!

Whether you join a networking group that brings property owners together, participate in a social club with others who enjoy this pursuit, or search real estate websites, finding a great property to add to your portfolio is a thrill for many investors. 

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Eventually, many investors find that people start reaching out to them with potential investments after establishing themselves as reputable property owners in the market. Being a go-to name for buyers and sellers in the market can help you find more properties that fit your portfolio and help you connect with more people to keep this strategy fun and profitable.

Be Careful What You Invest In

While finding new properties is an enjoyable aspect of real estate investing, you'll also find plenty of properties that aren't a wise investment or the best fit for your goals.

When looking for your first rental property, many rental management companies recommend avoiding a fixer-upper. However, without enough experience, knowing which properties require too much work to be a good investment can be challenging. The difference between "needs $10,000 and some TLC" and "needs $100,000 and will still not meet buildings codes or generate a profit" can be hard to identify. 

Instead, buying a turnkey property or recently renovated home, even though the price tag might be higher than a home that needs work, gives you a property with better potential for success as your first real estate investment experience. 

On the other hand, if your experience makes you good at identifying the difference between costly repairs and less expensive work that can help you maximize returns faster, you may be able to buy a fixer-upper and boost the value of a property considerably.

Remember: If you're not sure if a potential property is worth it, a property manager can help you evaluate potential properties and make smart investing decisions!

Make Each Day an Adventure

Another reason people invest in real estate is that they get to step out of a controlled, job-description-driven job into self-employment, even if it is just part-time. Many people prefer variety throughout their days as real estate investors. Making your own job description instead having a job working for someone else is appealing!

As a real estate owner, you'll creatively solve problems and create systems that help you avoid future problems or repeat mistakes.

At first (as with any passive income venture), there's a learning curve. Still, many property owners find that the combination of their own research and the best property management Abingdon offers helps them develop policies and procedures for keeping rentals operating smoothly and profitably. 

Plant growing on stack of coins money and model house, success with rental management companies concept.

In addition, many aspects of real estate management are just simply quite fun. Shopping for new deals is exciting, and working on the properties to make them the best they can be is empowering. Making a positive connection with your renters and meeting their needs is meaningful, too! 

The real estate business is all about relationships. As an investor, you can build your network and connect with other stakeholders in the area as part of your goal to expand your portfolio and see better returns.

Plus, making money is fun!

Generate Long-Term Income (Even Without Full-Time Work)

As you design better systems and build your experience as a rental property owner, you should ideally be able to decide how much time to devote to your rental properties to meet your goals.

Indeed, there are a lot of hours to put in at the beginning. Still, as you purchase new properties and retain long-term renters, you will ideally be able to determine your preferred types of real estate and hire a property management company that can handle the day-to-day for you.

Many investors use real estate as a passive income source to scale back their full-time jobs and eventually retire, just managing their rental property portfolio for a few hours a week. Others devote their time to continued growth by buying new properties or renovating fixer-uppers to become great rentals down the road.

No matter your goals, the best way to achieve them through investment property is to partner with Abingdon property managers to maximize your returns!

Abingdon Rental Management Companies Help Make Real Estate Investing Fun

By finding a trusted partner like Renters Warehouse BW Metro, you're free to determine precisely what you like best about property investing and experience more success! We believe in creating great systems and delivering property management services for our clients to help them reach their goals through owning rental properties.

To learn more about how our experts can help you enjoy making money through real estate in the Abingdon and Baltimore areas, reach out soon!

Ready for more insights into real estate success? Download our free "How to Invest in Real Estate: a Guide" today!

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