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Renters Warehouse BW Metro | November 5, 2020

Seasonal Maintenance Tips From Columbia Property Management Experts

Updated September 29, 2022.

Maintaining your rental property is one of the biggest challenges for many of today's successful property owners. It's not that the work is unexpected or too hard to do (beyond some elbow grease), but you're not living there. That means you're not keeping an eye on maintenance and repairs on an ongoing basis!

When you work with a Columbia property management company like Renters Warehouse BW Metro, we can help plan and manage these services for you.

Even now, you may still also be facing COVID-19 concerns when it comes to responding to maintenance issues. As of last count, cases in the Maryland area only continue to increase. This means you need diligent care on the ground more than ever before as we head into winter!

We're here to help you manage your Columbia rental property in every situation as your full-service property management experts in Maryland.

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Winter Seasonal Maintenance Tasks

There's a lot to do to prepare for a rapidly-approaching winter. That includes both interior and exterior work on your rental homes across the Columbia rental market. Some of the most common needs include:

  • Inspecting the gutters, siding, and roof for leaks.
    • Remove debris from your gutters to ensure there's no blockage and to prevent dreaded ice dams from forming.
    • Make sure everything is tightly in place to avoid drafts and damage to the structure.
  • Ensure easy access by fixing uneven pavement.
    • The last thing you want is cracks, ruts, or juts that may lead to trips in the winter.
    • Shore up any hand railings to help people avoid slipping.
  • Protect your interior pipes as needed.
    • Depending on your rental home's age, insulating interior pipes can help prevent them from bursting when temperatures get too low.
  • Ensure the heating system is in good condition.
    • It's best to have a full HVAC inspection right before the high-use season for your furnace.
    • This can save you money if a breakdown occurs.
  • Have all interior monitors inspected and change batteries.
    • That includes carbon monoxide, fire, and smoke detectors.
    • Speak with your renters about the fire risks associated with candles and fireplaces, and confirm that they know where fire extinguishers are located on the property if you operate multi-family units.

Spring Seasonal Maintenance Tasks

Once the spring's warmth starts to show up, it's time to get back out to your single-family homes to handle additional maintenance tasks. That includes:

  • Changing out HVAC filters as needed.
    • If you haven't had the AC inspected, now is the time to do that.
    • This may also be a responsibility your renters have as part of their lease, but it's worth inspecting the filters regardless to ensure they're being changed.
  • Looking for areas of moisture in the home.
    • This includes in the basement, crawl space, or attic of your investment properties.
    • Spring rain can make it more likely that leaks develop unexpectedly.
  • Examine the exterior of the home for any damage from the winter.
    • That may include getting a roof inspection, which can get tricky if your property shares a roof with other structures.
    • It may also include trimming back trees and shrubs if you operate multi-family properties.
  • Pressure wash or treat decking, siding, and other hard surfaces for maintenance.
    • Make sure to clean out flower beds as well and give trees a good mulching.
  • Inspect all railings, doors, and windows to ensure a good seal.
    • Caulk and update as needed.

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Summer Seasonal Maintenance Tasks

Summer is typically the time to get things done since the weather is usually cooperative. There are some things to think about doing once we've headed into the more humid months of the year.

  • Consider roof replacements as needed.
    • Repairs may be possible in some cases.
  • Check the siding on the home.
    • Now may be a good time to have it re-sided if the siding is old or no longer efficient.
  • Consider sealing all wooden decks, patios, and steps.
    • This is a good time to extend their life by ensuring a proper waterproof sealant is added to them.
  • Think about window replacement.
    • If this needs to be done, doing it during the summer months helps to make the process a bit easier on your renters.
  • Handle any interior upgrades and changes.
    • That may include painting, updating the kitchen or bathroom, or adding new flooring.

Fall Seasonal Maintenance Tasks

Fall is often the time to prep for winter, but it may also be a good time to get vendors to provide you with better prices and availability on some tasks. Whatever you did not get done during the summer can often get done now. There are some additional things to consider, as well.

  • Mind that fall foliage!
    • Keep leaves out of gutters and your flower beds to make cleanup easier later.
  • If your property has a fireplace, ensure it is inspected.
    • You may want to consider rules for using it as well.
    • Undertake maintenance and repairs whenever needed to ensure safety.
  • Check out the insulation in the attic.
    • This is one of the most forgotten areas.
    • Care here can significantly reduce energy bills during the upcoming winter months.
  • Tackle exterior work.
    • Consider changing the property's grading to ensure water flows away from the home.
    • Make sure all sewer lines are clear and drains move freely.
  • Inside the home, have a plumber over.
    • Provide some wiggle room in your budget for any type of drain line cleaning.
    • Inspect toilets, sinks, and lines to ensure they are in good overall operation before a freeze.

Are You Ready to Roll up Your Sleeves?

Working with a Columbia property management company could save you a lot of time and money! Our team can help you to get these tasks done without getting your hands dirty. Simultaneously, we'll use only the most trusted and fairly priced vendors and professionals to ensure high-quality repairs.

There's never been a better time to leave your rental property in the capable hands of the experts here at Renters Warehouse BW Metro! We handle so much more than seasonal maintenance: you can also leave the hassles of rent collection, tenant screening, and responding to daily maintenance requests in our capable hands!

Learn more about the tasks we help property owners tackle when you download your free copy of our Seasonal Maintenance Checklist!

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