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Renters Warehouse BW Metro | October 16, 2023

Should You Handle Baltimore Rental Property Maintenance Yourself?

Navigating effective rental property maintenance can be a challenging task for many property owners. "Maintenance" includes not only responding with a repair when something breaks; it also includes keeping up with preventive measures and property inspections to keep rental properties in excellent condition for better returns and tenant safety.

Often, we hear property owners ask, "Should I handle maintenance myself or entrust it to a professional?" There are many appealing things about owning a rental property and tackling repairs on your own. Still, it may not always be the best, safest, or most profitable solution for a real estate investor.

As Baltimore rental management experts, we're familiar with the many aspects of quality property maintenance and many things that can go wrong when it's not handled properly. So, keep reading to learn more about what's involved with good property maintenance to help you decide whether to handle it yourself or partner with professionals!

Are You Capable?

Each of us carries a touch of the 'Do-It-Yourself' spirit, an innate desire to take matters into our own hands and solve problems directly. This drive is particularly pronounced among property owners who see their rental properties not just as assets but also as extensions of their personal spaces. For them, the thought of personally tending to their property, of actively engaging in its upkeep, can be immensely satisfying.

Imagine a scenario with a minor hiccup in the property—perhaps a lock that needs changing or a toilet that's clogged. For those who have the necessary skills and tools, addressing these issues doesn't just become a task but a challenge to be conquered.

Successfully navigating these minor challenges provides a chance to save on professional repair costs and offers a profound sense of achievement. It's the pride of looking at a task, no matter how small, and thinking, "I did that."

However, it's essential to recognize one's limits. While the allure of DIY can be strong, ensuring that you genuinely have the expertise required for a specific repair is crucial. Otherwise, what begins as a small task could evolve into a more significant, potentially costly issue.

So, if you're capable of tackling a repair or a routine maintenance task, there's nothing wrong with doing that on your own. However, attempting fixes or projects that exceed your skill level can be dangerous and costly for your budget.

The Dangers of DIY Maintenance

While taking on minor repairs can be manageable, diving deep into complicated tasks without the requisite skills can be a recipe for disaster. Especially when a rental property maintenance issue involves something complex, like the HVAC system or electrical components, not calling in a licensed professional can lead to serious consequences. 

Consider the following dangers before attempting a DIY fix. 

Neglecting to Put Safety First

"Safety First" isn't just a phrase; it's a principle that property owners must prioritize, especially when dealing with rental home repairs. 

Certain tasks, notably those associated with electrical components or the foundational structure of a building, carry inherent risks. These types of repairs require a deep understanding and expertise, as even a minor oversight or a slight error in judgment can lead to severe consequences. 

Imagine attempting to rewire an electrical outlet or fixing a structural beam without proper knowledge. One misstep, one lapse in concentration, and you could be facing potential damage to the property and personal injury. 

Therefore, it's crucial to approach such tasks with caution, respect, and the necessary preparation, always keeping safety at the forefront of any repair or renovation endeavor.

Expensive Missteps

Not having the appropriate knowledge or expertise can lead to mistakes that are costly and detrimental to the longevity of the item or structure being fixed. 

Often, what starts as a well-intentioned attempt to rectify a minor issue can inadvertently lead to greater complications. Consider the scenario of a small leak in your property's plumbing system. Without the right insights or tools, an attempt to seal it might only serve as a band-aid solution. 

Over time, the pressure or underlying cause of the leak might escalate the problem, turning what was once a manageable drip into a significant, more damaging outflow. Such situations underscore the importance of understanding the nuances of repairs before attempting them on your own. 

An incorrect or inadequate fix can, in the long run, result in amplified damages and exponentially higher repair costs.

The Frustration of Delays 

Picture this scenario: you're knee-deep in a plumbing dilemma, tools scattered around, determined to resolve the issue at hand. With each attempt to fix the problem, a fresh challenge arises, almost as if the plumbing is testing your patience. 

The wrench you thought was the right size or the sealant you bought isn't suitable for the specific leak type. Consequently, you find yourself repeatedly at the hardware store, searching for yet another tool or solution. 

These repeated trips to the store and attempts to fix the problem can rapidly escalate from being a personal source of frustration to a growing concern for your tenants. They are relying on a timely resolution for their comfort and daily routines. Yet, delays and extended periods of non-functional facilities can strain the tenant-landlord relationship, leading to dissatisfaction. 

What began as a seemingly simple repair task can evolve into an extended ordeal for both parties involved.

A worker fixing something under a sink, rental property maintenance conceptThe Role of a Property Manager for Better Maintenance

If you have chosen a Baltimore property management company for your rental properties, you've essentially signed up for a partnership. Not only do experienced property management companies handle things like tenant placement services and rent collection, but they also provide quality professional maintenance services. 

A primary goal for your property manager is to ensure that your property is well-maintained and tenants are satisfied. Having a property manager on call for all routine maintenance and emergency repairs benefits property owners in three crucial ways.

Streamlined Processes

Property managers already have a system in place to handle every maintenance need. They have methodical processes designed to address everything from routine maintenance checks to unexpected repairs and even unforeseen emergencies. 

This systematic approach is proactive and reactive, ensuring potential issues are identified and resolved before they escalate. Moreover, in cases where immediate intervention is required, their responsiveness ensures swift action. 

For tenants, this efficiency translates to minimal disruptions in their daily lives. They can rest easy knowing that behind the scenes, a seamless operation is at work, dedicated to maintaining the sanctity and functionality of their living space.

Protecting Your Identity

Direct involvement in repair and maintenance activities can inadvertently reveal more to your tenants than you'd like. 

As you take a hands-on approach, tenants may quickly recognize your role as the property owner (rather than just the maintenance person). They might feel inclined to sidestep the established protocols of working through your property management company for requests or concerns.

Instead, they may come to you directly with their future concerns, grievances, or requests. This can blur the boundaries and complicate the communication lines, potentially leading to inefficiencies or misunderstandings. 

Retaining a degree of separation from your tenants by allowing the property management company to be the primary point of contact can ensure smoother operations for your properties.

Maintaining Tenant Relationships 

One of the core tasks of property managers is to foster a healthy landlord-tenant relationship. This includes timely communication, scheduling maintenance, and ensuring all repairs are done promptly. 

When owners interfere by taking matters into their own hands, it can sometimes blur the lines of communication, leading to confusion and dissatisfaction. However, allowing a property manager to be the point of contact for communications with tenants and maintenance vendors helps build positive relationships with renters. 

Happy family on the floor of a home, expert Baltimore property management conceptLet Our Experts Optimize Your Rental Property Maintenance Services

When considering property maintenance, it's crucial to recognize the importance of expertise and timely intervention. While handling small repairs might seem economical and feasible, in the long run, entrusting maintenance tasks to professionals or your Baltimore property management company can save you money, time, and potential hassles.

Remember, satisfied tenants are the backbone of a successful rental property business. Your best tenants value timely and effective maintenance. Not delivering on this can risk them looking elsewhere for their next home. 

So, before grabbing that toolbox, take a moment to evaluate if it's the best move for your rental property's well-being. If you'd like to learn more about the maintenance and property management services the RW Maryland team delivers for owners and tenants, reach out soon!

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