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Renters Warehouse BW Metro | October 12, 2023

Maryland Property Management Tips for Better Listing Photos

Published October 29, 2020. Updated October 12, 2023.

How many (and what type of) photos are you using in your Baltimore-area rental property listings? One of the components of a successful rental property listing is having a stunning set of images to advertise your rental homes!

People respond to imagery more than text: if done well, your photos should help prospective tenants see themselves living in your multi-family and single-family homes! Yet, many residential property owners are unsure how to make this work.

As your local expert in Maryland property management, our Rent Estate™ Advisors want to offer you some helpful tips for better listing photos that can help you reduce vacancy times!

Photographer with digital photo camera for taking photos for a rental property listing.

It's Best to Use a Professional Photographer

If you're trying to balance your income and expenses, you may be wondering why we recommend this step. Sure, it may cost you several hundred dollars to use a real estate photographer to capture your listing imagery—but it tends to be well worth the investment.

Professional photographers who focus on Baltimore-area real estate know how to highlight the beautiful aspects of your rental with shots that maximize the available space. Plus, they know how to help the best features of your Baltimore property stand out!

A professional will work closely with you to determine what's best for your unique needs. They also know how to capture important details that help the space to seem functional and less personal. Improved space management during shots also makes rooms look bigger because of the angle.

As a result of high-quality imagery and a compelling rental property listing, you'll gain applicants from well-lit photos that make the space more inviting, especially with natural light. Hiring a professional photographer also allows you to count on them to know how to ensure each photo is beautiful while maintaining an accurate representation of the space.

What Else Can You Do When Listing Your Rental Homes?

If you don't want to hire a photographer, there are other things you can do to improve your Baltimore City listing. It is always a good idea to invest some time into this process, either on your own or with professional Maryland rental management services.

Before shooting real estate photos, keep the following things in mind.

Capture Enough Photos

More photos are better than not enough! A listing without plenty of photos capturing every room and the exterior can make potential tenants feel like there's something to hide about the property.

Take photos of most of the rooms or all of the rooms. This should include bathrooms, the kitchen, bedrooms, the living room, and the exterior. While capturing every nook and cranny is unnecessary, be thorough and present the full home for the best chance of generating more interest.

Get the Lighting Right

Always light the photos well.

Whenever possible, use natural light since it is the most attractive option for the eye. You don't want to have a dark interior that looks dingy—or like you ignore maintenance requests! Dark photos send the wrong signal to prospective applicants—and make tenant placement even harder.

Well-lit photos attract more potential tenants, help reduce vacancy times, and boost your returns!

Capture Upgrades

Be sure to take photos of any upgrades to the property. Show off new features and aspects of the property that set it apart from other rental homes in the area.

For example, if you installed new tile or a beautiful new kitchen countertop, be sure those items stand out as desirable elements of your Baltimore rental homes.

Professional camera on desk, taking quality listing photos for Maryland rental homes concept.

Be Professional

If you choose to take your own photos, invest in the right gear. That means having the proper camera, lenses, and tripod to create accurate and beautifully clear photos. You may be able to rent photo equipment if you can't afford this kind of investment up front.

Unless you have the latest smartphone camera and the right attachments for shooting real estate, your phone likely won't have the power you need to get the right shots. So, if you plan to invest in real estate long-term and build a portfolio, you may even want to take a class or two to help you do it well.

Avoid Awkward Shots

No one wants to see the interior of a toilet, and that image isn't likely to help you rent the property faster.

Most potential residents don't want to see the dirty floor either. Be sure the photos you share are appealing throughout every detail. For example, if the grass needs a trim or the floor needs cleaning, address these issues before you take the shot. You want every image to be impressive.

Do Showings After Cleaning and Staging

Whenever possible, make sure you have already done all of the work to ready the location before showing the home. That means cleaning the carpeting, handling the painting, and tackling the dirty areas before an applicant ever steps through the door.

Most people want to see themselves living in the space they are visiting. So, presenting a fresh, clean home can help you finalize a new tenant after a showing.

Skip the Weird Angles

Weird angles won't impress a prospective tenant! You also don't want to spend time climbing on couches or ladders to get a special angle.

Experiment with your shots a little to see which angles benefit from eye level, slightly above eye level, or closer to the floor. Remember, give people the feeling that they are walking through the space as if they will be living there!

Hire a Maryland Property Management Company for Better Listing Photos

Hiring a Maryland property manager could be one of the best decisions you make when it's time to photograph and list a property. At Renters Warehouse Maryland, we have the experience and know-how to help you maximize revenue from your rental properties—including listing and marketing properties to reduce vacancy times and maximize rental income!

Not only can a full-service property management company handle the listing process for you, but we can also handle the day-to-day care of your rental. Let us help you save time and frustration when renting your Baltimore-area rental property!

Our goal is to help you stay successful as a property owner by offering only the best customer service, coupled with our years of experience. Let our Rent Estate™ Advisors offer you guidance and support along the way.

If you're ready to get started putting our skills to work for you, download your free copy of our Property Listing Checklist! It'll help walk you through the process of crafting the crucial components of a property listing that draws in renters.

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